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PLANIT Commercial

Commercial Real Estate Services

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PLANIT Real Estate

A leader in Commercial real estate and marketing services across Canada.

PLANIT delivers a full range of commercial real estate services to buyers, sellers, investors, landlords and tenants. Whatever your immediate or future need is, choose from the following:

    • office sales and leasing
    • retail sales
    • investment property sales
    • commercial properties of any nature
    • site acquisition and land development
    • industrial sales and leasing
    • corporate relocation services
    • business brokerage and franchise development

…and more

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Our collaborative approach relies on an in-depth understanding of regional markets and a shared vision of success that creates and delivers value to our clients.

Through a culture of service excellence and initiative, we integrate the resources of commercial real estate specialists to accelerate the success of our agents. When you choose to employ with or at PLANIT Real Estate, you choose to work with the best in the field.

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A Commercial Brokerage


Our commercial representatives
excel at what they do
and most importantly
they are the experts in our markets.”

Sam Kamoutsis

Director, Commercial Brokerage[/one_half]

PLANIT’s commercial brokerage is designed to solve problems creatively and engineered to help our clients meet and exceed their real estate goals. We come to work everyday on a mission to strategically enhance, transform, and enable our clients’ ability to make sound real estate decisions.

Our capabilities span across all facets of brokerage services – from single and multi-tenant retail properties, to multi-family investment sales and landlord tenant representation – no job is too large or small for us to handle.

We are proud to be one of the most diversified and online commercial real estate companies in Ontario, it enables us to draw on more resources than a traditional commercial company, allowing us to do business with the most sophisticated and demanding clients and companies.

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Property Development Services

We identify opportunities for economic development through smart commercial real estate decisions, and perfect those opportunities through a focused, methodical, and proven approach.

Real estate development is an entrepreneurial minded business, and PLANIT Properties is an entrepreneurial minded company. Our company was founded as a development company and has kept the same development roots as we grew. With development and redevelopment as our foundation, we are able to draw on the extensive in-house knowledge, talent, and personnel of a full-service real estate company in order to perform unlike any other company in Ontario.

Our thorough, adaptive, and detail-oriented approach to development and redevelopment allows us to see where risks lie and where opportunities can be found. We always seek answers and never cut corners on the road to creating value.

If you stay accountable
in the moment,
no development problems
are too big to solve.”

Simon Prentice

VP Commercial Division[/one_half][one_half_last]commercial-real-estate-services[/one_half_last][clear][/tour_tab] [tour_tab]

Investment Management


We don’t buy for the sake of buying
– we identify unique opportunities
in our geographic areas of focus and
expertise that strategically fit.”

[/one_half][one_half_last]Most people’s interest for commercial real estate investment is driving everyone to think outside the box – and to a strong brand inside their markets. PLANIT Real Estate creates opportunities to return-driven investors seeking to put capital into real, tangible property in Toronto, Ontario and in Canada.

We identify assets that offer stabilized current risk-adjusted returns and assets where we can add value to improve performance. Our proven track record in acquisitions, and our in-depth understanding of market dynamics along with the positioning of assets within the market, enables us to create opportunities that others cannot.

Guided by an extensive knowledge of our markets, PLANIT Real Estate professionals work diligently to perform on behalf of our investors and clients.[/one_half_last][/tour_tab] [tour_tab]

Portfolio Management

PLANIT serves the unique needs of real estate users, investors, and owners, in acquiring or disposing of their real estate investments or holdings.

Providing years of expertise and a proven track record of success in:

  • Acquiring properties for use or investment
  • Disposing of properties and optimizing the economics of their values
  • Sale/Lease back Services
  • Long-term investment in Real Estate


If you stay accountable
in the moment,
no development problems
are too big to solve.”

David Benjamin

VP Commercial Division[/one_half][one_half_last]commercial-real-estate-services[/one_half_last][clear]

PLANIT real estate professionals work to build solid partnership/working relationships with our clients to understand their acquisition/disposition parameters. We carefully integrate market research, market awareness, and product availability based on current supply and demand, to anticipate trends, positioning our clients in front of them and mindfully incorporate built-in exit strategies.
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Your Needs Represented

Our tenant representation services are designed to save you time and money and lower your costs of occupancy. You can remain focused on your business with no diversions on a transaction you may encounter only once every five to ten years.

What this means to you is a tremendous savings of time and money based on our proven ability to encourage a competitive environment and negotiate the best terms, rates and space for your present and future needs.

If you are considering:

  • Leasing New Space for Your Business
  • Renegotiating your existing lease
  • Build to suit opportunities
  • Leasing with equity
  • Building acquisition

All of our services result in a team, your team, representing you, not the landlord or building owner. We will be your exclusive representative, utilizing all available skills, resources, and market knowledge providing a synergistic force structured to facilitate your goals.

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Relocation Management

[one_half]If you need to move your office, warehouse, or plant, PLANIT Real Estate provide a seamless relocation experience. PLANIT relocation specialists has been providing commercial relocation services to our corporate clients for years. Our talented associates handle your relocation like a project: from start to finish.

Here are just a few of the office and industrial services PLANIT provides:

  • Commercial Relocation Services
  • Space Requirements Calculations
  • Building and floor protection
  • Project managers and assistants
  • Asset management including inventories

Our project managers gather and package provide pricing quotes for all outsourced services and make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed!

We don’t buy for the sake of buying
– we identify unique opportunities
in our geographic areas of focus and
expertise that strategically fit.”

Lorena Di Lisi

VP Commercial Division
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Commercial Real Estate Careers

Our people are passionate about what they do and are highly skilled experts in their respective fields. They know PLANIT is invested in their success just as much as we all are in our clients’ success.

This is evident throughout our platform — from AgentCoach, our partner in education and professional development and from SYSWARE, our industry leader support platform, to our client engagement strategy that encourages cross-functional service integration, to our culture of caring.

PLANIT associates connect through a shared set of values that shape a collaborative environment throughout our organization that is unsurpassed for the Canadian industry. That’s why we attract top recruits and have one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

Our associates are not only the face of our company, but are the faces of the communities in which we serve. Guided by professionalism, ethics, and teamwork, we come to work every day with one thing in mind – you.

Start Your Career in Commercial Real Estate. Find Out What PLANIT Has to Offer. JOIN PLANIT!

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Full Commercial Roster here

PLANIT Real Estate is recognized as one of the best places to work by the salespeople that have joined us across a variety of real estate industries.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Services for Property Owners, Tenants and Investors

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Commercial Services


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About Us
About Us PLANIT Real Estate is recognized as one of the most technologically advanced commercial real estate company to work for by the salespeople that have joined us. PLANIT Commercial deliver the best commercial sales and marketing services that help sell your commercial property fast.
Commercial Real Estate Services
Commercial Real Estate Services We specialize in: Office Industrial Retail Multi-Family Investment Transaction Management Tenant Representation Consulting and Advisory Facility Management Project/Construction Management Landlord Representation Capital Markets Investment Sales Mortgage Services Property Management Investment/Asset Management Follow us on:
Commercial Real Estate Services